Vintro’s story — Untethered — is now available on Amazon.

Villain. Liar. Demon. Vintro has been called all of these. But no one knows his true story. If they did, they wouldn’t just call him names. They would see him hang.

This Beautiful Stain novella takes us back to the first time Vintro shifted, and the first time he fell into Leta’s arms. Who is this man who has guarded Leta his entire life? And why does Leta feel like he’s always there, even when he’s beyond her reach?

Find out in this fourth book of the Beautiful Stain series, where we finally discover what happened to Vintro, and we experience every touch, every taste, and every hint of passion Vintro has felt in Leta’s arms. Vintro’s story is full of erotic desire and heart-wrenching despair – he is so close, yet so far away from the one he truly loves.

Click here to read Untethered, and find out what happened to Vintro.

I hope you enjoy this new novella!

Lots of love,
Nia Wilde